Colour tattoo removal in Swindon

Here at Think B4 You Ink, we use the latest technology to offer clients tattoo removal services, which means we can also offer tattoo removal for tattoos in colour. Based in Swindon, we treat customers that come from all over Wiltshire for colour tattoo removal, including those as far as Warminster.

As part of our coloured tattoo removal, we offer services for both single colour tattoo removal and multi-coloured tattoo removal. Each different colour is targeted separately as they have different response levels to the laser treatment that removes the tattoos.

What Colours Can Be Removed?

For single colour tattoos, red and black ink responds the best to the treatment. If your tattoo is in one of these inks, you can expect excellent results compared to those with multiple colours or any aside from red and black.

It is possible to get very good results for multi-coloured tattoo removal too. Green, blue, purple and orange inks are the most resistant to the laser treatment, but this can be difficult to predict due to the variations of inks used within the tattooing industry.

How Does It Work?

The laser will be used at different wavelengths in order to target the ink, whereby the light energy from the laser is absorbed by the tattoo ink particles, which break into microscopic fragments, allowing it to fade through the body’s natural processes.


Quick and safe solutions

Once you have your consultation with us, we can address your specific needs for coloured tattoo removal and give you a realistic guide to how you can expect your tattoo to fade over time with our laser removal treatment.

To arrange your consultation for coloured tattoo removal, please get in touch and we will be happy to help you.

I had a fantastic first session, looking forward to the final result. Lovely staff and studio, very clean and tidy! I would highly recommend ThinkB4YouInk to anyone looking for tattoo removal.
– Zoe Hughes

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