Specialist Tattoo Removal Service Offered in Salisbury

Here at ThinkB4YouInk, we deliver a dedicated, specialist tattoo removal service to customers throughout Wiltshire, including Salisbury. We aim to be friendly and understanding from the moment you meet us for your consultation. We pride ourselves on our high standards each and every time up until your last treatment with us.

We know people have many reasons for requiring tattoo-removal, and just as many tattoo-lovers come through our doors and those who only have one or two. We offer a professional environment that is free of judgement each time you visit us for your treatment. By changing the permanency of a tattoo, it doesn’t erase any past associations with it, but it does save you from a painful or regretful reminder of what it represents. If you think tattoo removal is a good idea for you, we would be happy to take you into our care for this treatment.

We always make sure to put the client first, so you can be sure that your needs are at the heart of what we do. We offer a devoted team who can be relied upon, offering the best possible results.  We guarantee the highest standard of care and hygiene, with our team all fully certified to deliver our tattoo removal service. We are also a recognised member of the British Medical Laser Association. 

During your consultation, we will cover your expectations from the tattoo removal treatment and go over any issues or concerns you may have about the service. At this time, we can also determine how many tattoo removal treatment sessions it is possible that you will need to achieve your desired results. We will outline the tattoo removal process in as much detail as you would like, and give you an accurate idea of the expected results.  During this period, we can carry out a free patch test, which will show how your skin reacts to the treatment. You will receive a free quotation, without any obligation to commit to the removal treatment until you are ready to make a fully informed decision.

We use the most up-to-date laser technology, which enables us to tackle colour tattoo removal as well as black ink, with the advanced technology also allowing us to work faster than in the past. In order to get a realistic view of what you may be able to achieve through your treatment, visit our gallery page.

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